Blogger Greg Aymond in ICU

The rumors about Greg Aymond being in the hospital are apparently true.  I am being told he suffered another stroke and is currently hospitalized at Rapides Regional Medical Center in the Intensive Care Unit.

As we all know, Greg Aymond took blogging to a whole new level in Central Louisiana.  I am not sure if Greg will be engaging in anymore melee rounds on the blogosphere but we wish him a speedy recovery nevertheless.

12 thoughts on “Blogger Greg Aymond in ICU

  1. Anonymous

    never? i believe this blog has agreed with him on more than a few occasions….nevertheless, will miss the back and forth between him and others on various topics

      1. John

        If you call yourself another man’s anus you are full of shit and you DO need a psychiatrist, I’m not sure a clergyman can help you at that point. Good lucking wiping!

  2. Anonymous

    I am told that Aymond had a lucid period between his KKK period and his stroke. He had an acceptable legal mind and, while he was no legal giant, he was taken seriously. Those who marginally knew him say that he has obviously deteriorated intellectually, emotionally, and socially since the stroke. He was never a nice or likeable guy but he was not the ogre we see today.

  3. Mark

    Has CBP completed its mission to knock Greg off and thats why none of your authors have posted anything since greg went to icu??

    1. D. Slayter Post author

      I did not realize that was our mission.

      The main reason I have not posted much is because the legislative session has started and I am busy with other things. Further, I will not attack Greg because he cannot defend himself right now. I do not attack defenseless people. I do not speak for the others though.


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